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Water Cycles - Puzzle Game, Map Editor, and Teaching Materials for iPad and iPhone

Water Cycles

"Water Cycles is an overall great educational app that is interactive, challenging and fun for parents and children!" - bestappsforkids.com

"Everything about this game was well done which contributes to the overall enjoyment." - iPhoneLife.com

Featured on iPhoneLife.com

"If you're looking for a fun title that will get your kids asking questions about the environment and ecology, Water Cycles is a great choice." - tapscape

Will you manage to guide all the water from the mountains to the sea without losing a single drop? On the way, you'll have to cross cities, farms and factories. The water will get polluted and your mission will get harder!

Water Cycles, the new app from isygames, is an engaging game, packed with over 100 puzzles at six difficulty levels. Every new challenge is designed to help you gain an intuitive understanding of why water is so important in our lives – how it changes state, how it moves, and what we need it for. And all while playing a fun game!

The app comes up with a new puzzle every day so you can earn the stars you need to level up!

The interactive module "What is the water cycle?" is an easily grasped learning resource that helps you understand the basics of the water cycle in all its phases, from evaporation through to the return to the oceans. Ease of use makes it a great choice for home or classroom-based teaching.

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